No matter what your interests are, there will be something to please everyone. From the world’s largest bird (the ostrich), to the world’s most numerous bird (the red-billed quelea). From Africa’s heaviest flying bird (the Kori bustard) to the dazzling array of tiny sunbirds that flit between the flower blossoms. From Africa’s largest raptor (the martial eagle) to its smallest (the African pygmy falcon) as well as millions of filter feeding flamingos to the intricate nest builders (the weavers) – there’s no end to the assortment of birds that call Kenya ‘home’.

Many factors combine to make the country favourable to bird life; the equatorial climate, a diverse range of habitats (from wetlands to moorlands, tropical rainforests to deserts and mangroves to mountains), unique geographical features (from The Great Rift Valley to chains of ancient volcanoes) and an abundance of food resources for migratory birds.

Within Kenya’s capital alone, more than 600 resident and migratory bird species can be found. This is more than in any other capital city in the world – and more than can be found in most countries!

Bird watching in Kenya is excellent throughout the year, but the rainy seasons of March to April and October to November coincide with the arrival of palearctic migrants, so bird lists can be greatly lengthened at these times. Most of our iconic birds are present all year around; pink flamingos, polka-dotted guinea fowls, regal crowned cranes, multicoloured rollers and powerful raptors.

All of our properties are located in the very best wildlife regions and offer unique opportunities to an avid birder. For those of you visiting us at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge in Rwanda, we have included a section below which highlights just some of the species that all bird enthusiasts can enjoy

Flying, soaring, flitting and swooping over mainland Africa are some 2,250 bird species, colouring the most spectacular and varied habitats


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