Nature Walks & Hikes

Hodari Africa Collection offers guided walking safaris in a private concession area adjacent to the Masai Mara Game Reserve. Our guided walking safaris enable you to leave your vehicle behind and take a walking safari with one of our experienced and qualified naturalists for the true thrill of the bush.. 

Down on the same level as the animals you will experience the untamed beauty of the Mara. Here the scenery differs from inside the Reserve and picturesque acacia trees dot the hilly landscape. You will also be accompanied by one of our Masai Scouts, who provide a wealth of information on the traditional medicinal uses of plants and Masai folklore. You will track game, unsure what waits round the next corner: giraffe, buffalo, hyena, zebra or even lion.

Whilst out on a walking safari, you can catch the scents and sounds of the wild Africa and uncover a hidden, fascinating and interconnected world of plants, tracks and insects. At the end of it all waits a sumptuous bush breakfast complete with sparkling wine. You can enjoy some game viewing as you are driven back to the camp through the Masai Mara. Walks take around 3 – 4 hours and can either be booked in advance or at camp reception.

Discover South Africa's most breathtaking hiking trails … With an endless supply of epic mountain ranges


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