Lying 50km / 31mi north-east of Zanzibar is little-visited and largely undeveloped Pemba Island, home to small fishing villages, historic ruins, and miles of wild coastline. Infrastructure is limited and tourism still in its infancy but thanks to its pristine coral reefs, water temperatures between 25°C / 77°F and 28°C / 84°F and visibility between 20 and 40 metres / 66 and 131 feet, Pemba ranks among the world’s best dive sites.
There are plenty of other activities on Pemba Island: water sports are on offer as are excursions to mangrove forests, sunset dhow cruises and spa treatments. Pemba offers the discerning visitor a large dose of privacy and exclusivity, a more laid-back atmosphere to Zanzibar, and it combines well with a mainland Tanzania safari.