Simien Mountains National Park


The Simien Mountains are one of Ethiopia’s most popular destinations. Sitting just north of Gondar, it’s easily accessible along the northern circuit of Ethiopia. Comprising 220 square kilometres of peaks, plateaus, vistas and valleys, the park offers stunning viewpoints and some of the best trekking routes in Africa.

The two lodges in the area, Simien Lodge and Limalimo Lodge offer great alternatives to the typical camping and trekking setup, meaning whatever your budget, fitness levels, or accommodation preferences, you can visit the Simien Mountains and enjoy all the beauty the park has to offer. 



The park is of global significance for biodiversity conservation because it is home to globally threatened species, including the iconic Walia ibex, a wild mountain goat found nowhere else in the world, the Gelada baboon and the Ethiopian wolf.
Simien Mountains, Simien also spelled Semien or Simēn, mountains in northern Ethiopia, northeast of Gonder. In the range is Ras Dejen (or Dashen), the highest peak in Ethiopia at 14,872 feet (4,533 metres).
In addition to the varied fauna, the Simien Mountains boast a unique flora. Three different vegetation belts can he distinguished. The highest altitudinal belt is the afro-alpine steppe belt, found above 3700 m asl. This grassland zone is characterized by the occurrence of the giant Lobelia (Lobelia rhynchopetalum).



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